Analysis of Unintended Pregnancy and Abortion

Unwanted teenage pregnancies and cases of abortion have significantly increased over the recent past. Parents and guardians can take various measures to reduce the numerous risks that young girls encounter while trying to terminate their early pregnancies. The research process was qualitative because the essay mainly contains more reasons and few numerical statistics.

In the research of teenage pregnancies, the authors of the sources wrote related information in that they provided solutions to the growing incidences of abortions. Despite the fact that the two sources are from contrasting authors, the information in both articles are similar. For example, Secura et al. wrote one of the two sources while the other is from a US based academic organization comprised of professionals in the field of gynecology. As a result, the essay contains valid information regarding unintended pregnancies and abortion from different types of sources.

The essay relies on information from the sources to provide readers with an insight of the health hazards associated with abortions among young girls. Additionally, the work enlightens the audience about the various stakeholders who should act by improving the health of young girls who find themselves in the difficult situations. The authors of the sources wrote information in an argumentative style, which aim at advocating against abortions. Additionally, the ideas presented highlight the need for parents, guardians, teachers, and health workers to educate adolescents about the importance of contraceptives. The aim of the essay is to discourage the use of any contraceptive among the young people. Another purpose is to enlighten the readers about the benefits of sex education to growing teenagers. Most young girls who become pregnant lack useful information. Parents and guardians are mostly responsible to educate their teenage sons and daughters regarding the risks of unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, the task of responsibility is not only among the teenagers, but also the parents.

As the author, I used various rhetorical strategies to highlight the major points and make them more convincing. Firstly, the selection of the topic is to make a stand as the author. It is important to state in the opening paragraph that unwanted pregnancies may distort the future plans of teenage girls. Besides, they undergo multiple dangers when they opt for abortion. As the author, one strategy I used in the essay is to provide relevant information to the appropriate audience. Parents and teachers who fail to provide sex education to teenagers usually subject the youngsters to experimentation and unprotected sex that may lead to unwanted pregnancies. The essay aims at educating the audience, parents and caregivers, about the dangers of sexual relations and abortions. Additionally, it provides awareness on the measures that the stakeholders can take to protect young girls.

The strategies are crucial since they give the reader a clear understanding of the topic and practical ways of applying them. An author who writes a persuasive essay should explain the points clearly so that the audience can fully understand his or her thoughts. Additionally, the writer should provide a number of facts and figures as is the case with the essay, which gives readers a clearer image of the degree in which the research phenomenon is affected. Additionally, it creates a sense of professionalism and makes the essay appear factual.