Is e learning better than traditional learning?

E learning is studying online without meeting the lecturer in person. While traditional learning one goes to class and they have to meet their supervisor physically.

E learning gives students the freedom to choose what time to study while traditional learning students are to follow the institute timetable. It also enables students to study more than one course at the same time attaining different level faster. At the same time, one can work for income for a living at the same time studying.

E-learning students also study for themselves without supervision unlike those in class who rely heavily on their supervisors. At the same time, if the supervisor of lecturer skips a lesson, they get stagnating and wait until he comes. The online version student just long in and continue with the unit on there on. Due to this online studying, the student emerges the best after the exams due to high level of concentration for the particular time they are online studying. While the traditional learners who rely on their instructor who might not draw the attention mentally to attain higher grades.

E learning is relatively cheap compared to other forms of study as one can study from wherever they are. The only thing needed is to log in at any time. The Institution also saves on space since it only need office spaces not lecture halls or classes. It’s also beneficial to the institute as they are able to manage a big number of students without any congestion which would be difficult in a traditional learning setting. The e-learning setting is also a healthier option due to the privacy involved of the student. Communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis are kept at bay.

E learning has no age limit allowing older people to learn and take care of their family and other businesses at the same time. Unlike traditional learning, one is required to attend class at a particular time, which takes more of the day’s hours. There are also age limits for certain classes which lock out some potential students. However, age does not matter when it comes to online learning. Everyone gets equal opportunities to study and adopt important computer skills along the way since the course one is taking has to be done on the computer without meeting the lecturer or supervisor. This automatically adds the student technology information.

E-learning also improves a learner’s reading discipline. You do all the work by yourself without any guidance from your supervisor, although, you can seek for famedwritings: homework, assignments, and online classes experts.

You also have to turn in your assignments on time as well as diligently attend all classes so as to pass. In addition, the student’s work is more since he/she has to do more reading while researching for the assignments hence making them prone to reading. You may find an online learning student invested in reading other reading materials after finishing their course. The student also has to be fully mentally present during the lesson, to enable him/her to move to the next level unlike the traditional learning where a student can walk into the lecture hall and concentrate on other things in mind.

Overall, with the improving of technology, and busy schedules people have, E learning remains better than traditional learning since it favors all kinds of people no matter the age or origin.

Is Buying Webassign Free?

Yes and no. Accessing Webassign materials and answers is both free and pricey. The Webassign’s education system is only available to schools and instructors but at an affordable price. However, Webassign is free for access for most important people in a school such as instructors and professors. Their free to access depend on the authority and popularity of the school involved. Besides, the tutor must also have the ability to use the Webassign materials at all, especially based on the textbook selected.

Is it possible for Student to Access Webassign?

It is not possible for students to access the Webassign free of charge, however, they can access it by buying access code to the system. Most institution sell these codes at the bookshop or the library, which is accessible through the Webassign representative hustled with your textbook. Besides, several students can chose to access the Webassign directly on the website by purchasing the access on the system or buying the log in on an online platform. In some cases, some learning institution demands their students to pay for log in access for Webassign together on the school arrears. However, you should contact your school to clarify if it includes the Webassign access fee on the school fee structures. In other cases, some institution chose to clear the fee by themselves, which is a good thing considering the fact that some students are still not conversant with online learning or are still finding their way out of it. In case you tutor assign you a Webassign task and you are not sure of what to do, maybe you can seek assistance from him or her. Else, you can hire famedwriting to completely do your Webassign school assignment and forget forever the pain of log in a system that itself is as complicated as the origin of life.

The one advantage of seeking help from them is that you will forget forever about the visiting your bookstore or library to purchase Webassign log in. You will be exempted from that task and you will only be concerned about the most important things in life like hanging around with your friends, drinking alcohol, or sometimes having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do not let the Webassign bother the hell out of your mind. Take control of it and you will reap huge benefits of avoiding bother

If you are an institution or a bookstore that want to invest in buying an access code cards for students and instructors, please visit the Webassign site and submit your contacts on a online order form. Request them to give you a price quote for the log in. Immediately, a support will chat with you and give you a billing contact. One thing I noticed is that their prices change and are always subject to demand. If you want cheap access to online classes, then you better use this famedwritings website.

What is the Access Fees for Webassign

The most basic access includes WebAssign’s reasonable public question and how possible it is for you to develop own access.

Incase you are seriously intending to buy the access, here are the fee breakdown structure:

  • For Higher Learning institution: It will cost about $22.95/student per course or lab, per term
  • For secondary and primary education: It cost about $10.50/student per course or lab

Why is Webassign Important?

In most cases, some instructors adopt the WebAssign option as their preferred method of teaching the course. For that case, you will have access to questions from your class, the site itself, as well as the famedwriting website. You can chose to answer these questions the best was possible, either by creating or copying a textbook.

Isolationism and Internationalism



American isolationism began when the leaders advocated for a total retreat from the foreign alliances. Conflicts and costly wars dominated the unions that America formed with other countries. Most of the American history show hesitant desire to withdraw from expensive wars with countries such as Japan, Spain, and China. The founders of the isolationist movement included Jefferson and Quincy. Consequently, the move to segregate from the initial alliances led to internationalism, which American leaders advocated for unity among nations despite of political and economic differences. FDR moves entailed an opposition of any proponents of war and any forms of racial discrimination. In fact, some critics praised the call for internationalization, as they explained its impact on world economy.

Factors that influencing American Internationalism

Military Strength

America chose to isolate itself from world problems, but the escalating wars in Europe and the tension in Japan caused the country to slowly edge into the global conflict. For example, the sudden attack of the Pearl Harbor and the increasing tension with Japan sparked the beginning of war (Green n.d). In fact, the United States threatened to cut its supply of oil and metals to Japan. Despite the stern warning, Japan quitted the League of Nations and joined China in support of its economic recession. Additionally, Japan joined with Nazi to take control over Italy with an aim of creating a new world order. Resultantly, United States financed China, and this scaled the initial conflict between the countries. For this reason, America sought to increase its military base.

Democratic Reasons

The American engagement influenced other nations towards liberalization. The move encouraged other countries to choose freedom and democracy. For example, Germany and Japan formed strong alliance that fostered peace and economic development. Apart from peace, the idea provided minority groups with equal justice and greater economic opportunities. Resultantly, other countries emulated the move and sought ideas from the American leaders on the strategies of establishing progress and justice. FDR supported the idea in the quest of promoting the growth of democratic space globally.

Peace and Economic Stability

American internationalism prospered through achievement of greater peace and stability under President John F Kennedy. Such environments enabled several countries to engage in business activities, developing stronger economic ties in the process (Green n.d). The ever-rising strength in the U.S global leadership enabled vibrant international co-relations in business and ensured closer economic ties with Asian countries. Through internationalism, America established crucial economic agreements with the International Monetary Fund’s organization for financing of major projects in friend-countries. Such relations led to creation of global economic order, leading to the betterment of many lives. Besides, some countries took advantage of international relations between the US and other states by engaging in unscrupulous trade deals. For instance, intellectual property theft and economic espionages undermine American efforts in integrating different policies from countries involved in business. Such challenges, therefore, call for an increased role of American leadership in realizing economic realm. Through this, America realizes good relationships with several countries, and therefore achieving internationalism.


Consequently, America engages in free trade pacts with countries across the globe. Such trade agreements allow exchange of processed goods between countries without major constraints. Free trade between countries ensures cheaper prices of commodities in the local markets and therefore improves inter-country relations. Trade agreements ensure that countries adopt similar policies that allow effective operations of business activities. Besides, the American global supply chain increases as many countries develop interest in engaging with favorable business environment.

Life/ Aging


While the gift of life is an important aspect for individuals, various components are wonderful and some may be challenging. Consequently, the occurrence of death represents an event which marks a person’s final rite of passage. When people think about life, the future and natural process of aging is the main factor of concern (Gurian, 2013). The reason for this is that aging brings about fear and anxiety since someone knows that he/she is nearing death. However, people look forward to the future since it presents an opportunity for them to achieve their desires such as a competitive career (Weisstub, Thomasma, Gauthier, & Tomossy, 2013). Although the natural process of life is accompanied by death, in the end, people are still hopeful for the best in the future.

The future and life as a whole excites when there is hope for a successful aging. I am looking forward to fulfilling my goals such as an excellent career in school. When someone is aspiring for something valuable in life, then life has a meaning, and an individual can enjoy living to the fullest (Liang & Luo, 2012). The desire to complete education successfully and fulfill my career choice motivates me since I will be assured of a good job. Individuals who have achieved their objectives in school and landed a role in their area of specialty find life enjoyable (Osteen, 2017). In that case, such individuals have enough money to make aging successful by maintaining a low risk of disease, high mental and physical functions, and an active engagement with life (Prenda & Lachman, 2001). For a person to practice such activities, there is a need for adequate finances to facilitate things such as balanced diet. I am looking forward to making aging successful by doing what excites me in life and avoiding situations that may lead to stress.


Humn 142 Essay 1


Module 2 Options
The Lake

The predominant theme in both “the lake” by Ray Bradbury and “The rocking-horse winner” by D.H Lawrence is family relations. Other sub-themes such as pain, wealth, greed, love, kinship and marriage emanate from this central idea. In the lake, the main protagonist visits his childhood home together with his wife Margret. At his hometown, Harold reminiscences the childhood memories, especially the loss of his lover at the tender age of twelve. After this somber event at the lake, Bradbury employs the stylistic device of flash forward to bring the audience to the present day. The importance of the childhood story to the development of the plot is to demonstrate Harold’s relationships with the close people in life. For instance, Harold repeatedly calls the name of Tally in the lake each time expecting an answer. There is no reply, and this style elicits empathy from the audience. The reader is further actively involved and feels closer to the narrator through the use of first person narration. As a reader, one feels connected to the lost child on the lake with wind and water blowing his friend away. Bradbury effectively uses imagery to enhance the continuity of the plot. For example, Harold admiration of Tally’s beauty is depicted by the statement “I thought of Tally, Swimming out into the water last May with her pigtails trailing, blond. She went laughing, and the sun was on her small twelve-year-old shoulders” (Bradbury 2). The unconditional emotions that the protagonist had for the young girl made her more of a family than a friend. The narrator further uses imagery to demonstrate the close relationship that Harold has with his mother from a young age. On the day that Tally drowned into the lake, the audience can visualize the affection that the mother and the son have for each other. For example, after the swim, his mother wraps in a warm towels, although he is a big boy approaching teenage hood. In such an instance, Bradbury intention is to illustrate mother’s interaction with their teenage boys influence their growth and development. It is a psychological fact that parents become scared when their children leave home for college or to being married. After the incidence, Harold took a train and joined the grammar school, the high school, and later college in a far town from his home. The purpose of this imagery is demonstrate how close family relations become severed by factors such as work and school. In fact, during this transition, there is no reference to the mother. The narrator states that “I had almost forgotten was east was like” (Bradbury 3). While at Sacramento, Harold met a young woman whom he wed at the tender age of twenty two. From the narrative, it is evident that this is the third important relationship involving the protagonist.

The honeymoon turned out to be tour down the memory for the protagonist. The trip back home was bad for their marriage. From Harold’s narrative, the audience begins to realize that his marriage to Margret was just out of convenience for companionship and loneliness. For instance, the protagonist describes Margret as “Handsome” in her new clothes (Bradbury 4). Handsome is a metaphor that is used symbolically to demonstrate that their love is non-erotic. While at the lake, Harold discovers that his true love was tally, and she was taken away. According to him, the woman waiting for him at the shore was strange. Irrefutably, Harold’s relationship with Margaret would not last given the realization that he does not love him. Family ties in the lake are represented through marriage, friendship, and birth. For Harold, Tally was his true family, and love for whom his emotions flows freely.

Module 3 Options

The Rocking-Horse Winner

Seemingly, the Rocking-Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence demonstrates the convoluted dynamic of family relationship. As with lake, Paul’s father is unavailable or undiscussed throughout most of his life. Since both stories refers to the 1930’s, the absence of the fathers in the children life was common during that Era. Some factors that could have contributed to this phenomenon include work, war, and cultural systems of the communities (Lawrence 6). Regardless, the two narratives illustrate that women played a greater role in the development of their children than their male counterparts. The main protagonist in the rocking-horse winner is an ambitious woman, Hester. Hester is pretty woman by all standards and believes she deserves a better life than her current status. However, as a young woman with three children, her dream of attaining a luxurious lifestyle appears bleak. Therefore, Hester is forced to work multiple jobs in order to fulfil her financial desires. Lawrence presents the plight of the family by effective application of satire (Lawrence 8). The use of satire, irony, and metaphors creates comic relief, which makes the narrative interesting to the audience. Furthermore, the author intends to demonstrate how the quest for money can ruin family relations by promoting greed and immorality. The use of satire allows the audience to appreciate the importance of values and norms in fostering healthy familial relationship.

Sexual harassment: A Theoretical Analysis

Sexual harassment: A Theoretical Analysis

Summary of the Article

Castle’s Sexual Harassment Claims Surface in U.K. Parliament, highlights an event of sexual misconduct associated with different leaders including legislatures. From the beginning of the article, the author agrees with the fact that women frequently fall victims of unwelcomed advances at the work place. Besides, Castle posits that sexual harassment emanates across all institutions in the society including people in noble job positions (Castle n.d). The rampant reports of assault trigger heated debates and emotions that call for change. Despite the stringent laws associated with sexual harassment, more people still fall victims of the vice. In addition, Castle provides that the players in the entertainment industry use politics of harassment to fire successful people in the business.

Equally, the author worries that people in competitive jobs tend to fall victims of sexual harassment elements. For example, Crabb, a pension salary executive, apologized for portraying inappropriate behavior towards a 19-year old (Castle n.d). With the increasing trend of sexual harassment at the work place, Castle indicates that women law makers call for change in addressing the issue. The author grounds his perspective from the corridors of power. Ironically, legislators remain the main players in addressing issues concerning inappropriate behavior, but reports show that most of them propagate unacceptable sexual behavior.

From the article, Castle highlights the issue across all places of work. Therefore, this shows that the issue needs better solutions. Seemingly, the laws addressing unwelcomed sexual behavior fail to indicate the true meaning of its inappropriateness. Correspondingly, executives at the work place use their positions to harass lower level employees, especially women.


To explain the increasing rates of sexual harassment at the work place, Butler and Fraser provide interesting theories that enhance a better understanding of the social problem. Butler’s theory, Merely Cultural, borrows ideas from Marxist capitalist perspective. The theory provides that the capitalist perspective refrains from addressing real issues due to the oppression of the capitalist system (Butler 267). Butler argues that some of the problems at the work place happen due to a developed culture. According to the theory, Marxist opinion fails to address the impact of economic inequality. In addition, Butler argues that people in the society politicize issues instead of seeking solutions to the problem. As a result, the society fails to understand the gravity of the issue. In addition, Butler uses the orthodox of unity in her theory to explain that people’s culture impact the emergence of issues in the society. Correspondingly, the theory indicates that social movements develop due to lack of proper channels of addressing social vices. Butler argues that social movements in the contemporary society try to respond to issues related to sexuality.

In addition, Fraser’s clearly explains aspects of sexuality in her heterosexism, misrecognition, and capitalism. According to Fraser, identity politics show an increasing trend in the contemporary America (Fraser 279). She explains that social movements like feminism and anti-racial activists emanate due to an increase in social injustices in the society. Specifically, Fraser illustrates the struggles associated with the lesbian and gay communities. For this reason, Fraser’s theory bases its argument on culture and political economy. Like Butler, Fraser uses Marxists capitalisms to explain the use of power among the economic class to oppress others


What factors contribute to increasing trends in sexual harassment at the workplace?


Butler and Fraser’s theories help in understanding the case in Sexual Harassment Claims Surface in U.K. Parliament. From the article, it is crystal clear that the economic standards of the executive employees accord them with power. This power allows them to oppress the rest through sexual harassment.

Analysis of Evidence

From the article, one notes that leaders acts as the main players who support the increasing reports of sexual harassment at the work place. In fact, Caste indicates that prominent people steer a scaling trend in social problems related to sexuality. Due to shame and embarrassment associated with sexual assault, many lower level employees fail to report the cases. Another factor includes control of the factors of production, which allows people in top positions in organization to fire others for refusing their sexual advances. Resultantly, the problem upgrades to a culture that is normalized at the work place.


Sexual harassment shows an upward trend in the contemporary society. Despite of the laws governing this issue, the problem is far from over. Butler and Fraser borrow from the Marxist perspective to show the relationship between economic power and social problems. In relation with Castle’s article, the theories confirm that top-level employees sexually harass lower level employees. However, few victims report the incident, and this makes is hard to solve the problem amicably. For this reason, the theorists confirm that social movements develop due to unresolved social injustices in all institutions of the society. Other unique cases like harassment of lesbians show a conflict in accepting social change in the current society. Therefore, there is a dire need to establish better strategies that address the causes and implications of sexual harassment in all institutions of the society.