Job Analysis for this Role

  1. Explain how you would conduct a job analysis for this role.

I would involve employees by partaking them complete job analysis forms. Equally, I would interview them about their job responsibilities as firefighters. Additionally, I would know the time spent on each task for one week. Moreover, I would observe the firefighters as they carry out their obligations at different times of the day. I would keep track of their activities by taking time into consideration. Later, I would conduct a brief interview with the executive team, supervisors, and loyal customers. Finally, I would analyze the occupation to other duties in the department, and the job grade to determine its place in the pay scale.

  1. Describe a recruiting plan that would create a more diverse workforce.

Stimulating workplace diversity has several benefits. To attain them, first, I would approach the hiring process holistically. I would identify if my workforce resembles the community in which I operate. I would emphasize the concept that retaining employees can be more challenging than enrolling them. I would take more time helping them adjust to the norms at workplace. Secondly, I would ask the staff to refer their friends who have experience in the same field. Additionally, I would offer rewards to fruitful appointments. I would make the profession more gripping to job hunters and emphasize aspects that would entice a more diverse application. Moreover, I would talk to community administrations to help to find new contenders. I would provide different training in my working place. I would ensure that the recruiting process is more transparent to help ease the minds of doubtful employees.

  1. Imagine a position at your company, and you are interviewing candidates to fill this position. Specify three (3) questions that will help you select the best candidate for the job, and provide your rationale for these selections

The position of a C.E.O

  • Give me one word that describes yourself best.

This question is the best way to evaluate the candidates’ character. It shows the aspect that one can consider as a positive side since nobody’s character can be summarized in one word.

  • How do you see the company changing in three years, and how will you contribute to the change?

We want to employ a CEO who thinks about the company s future. We don’t want a leader who handles tasks the same way as every other person. The question will help me to know who have plans for shaping the future of the company.

  • What are your goals?

This question helps me know the motives of the candidate and their inspiration to succeed. When one is aware of the purposes of others, it is easier to relate and grade them.

  1. Read the supplemental materials at the end of the lecture notes related to unconscious bias. Consider the following questions. Post the responses you are comfortable to share and your impressions of this activity.

Select a critical aspect of your background (Personnel Supervision)

The critical aspect of my background is to recognize that I am biased. People should not be ashamed of possessing this character because everyone has a certain degree of biasness. The most important aspect is to handle it professionally.

How does this point of your experience affect your decision making?

If I make decisions when biases are unconscious, they can cause undesirable impacts. Due to preference, I can choose a wrong applicant for a particular post. I may consider the candidate if we share the same interest. It may lead not to hiring potential workers. The biases can cause dramatic, negative impact, and discriminatory behavior towards a particular individual.

How does this background shape your behavior at work?

At work, we may sound more appealing to some people than others, hence, leading to an imbalance in gender and norms. It can prevent employers from accessing the best possible candidates.