Life/ Aging


While the gift of life is an important aspect for individuals, various components are wonderful and some may be challenging. Consequently, the occurrence of death represents an event which marks a person’s final rite of passage. When people think about life, the future and natural process of aging is the main factor of concern (Gurian, 2013). The reason for this is that aging brings about fear and anxiety since someone knows that he/she is nearing death. However, people look forward to the future since it presents an opportunity for them to achieve their desires such as a competitive career (Weisstub, Thomasma, Gauthier, & Tomossy, 2013). Although the natural process of life is accompanied by death, in the end, people are still hopeful for the best in the future.

The future and life as a whole excites when there is hope for a successful aging. I am looking forward to fulfilling my goals such as an excellent career in school. When someone is aspiring for something valuable in life, then life has a meaning, and an individual can enjoy living to the fullest (Liang & Luo, 2012). The desire to complete education successfully and fulfill my career choice motivates me since I will be assured of a good job. Individuals who have achieved their objectives in school and landed a role in their area of specialty find life enjoyable (Osteen, 2017). In that case, such individuals have enough money to make aging successful by maintaining a low risk of disease, high mental and physical functions, and an active engagement with life (Prenda & Lachman, 2001). For a person to practice such activities, there is a need for adequate finances to facilitate things such as balanced diet. I am looking forward to making aging successful by doing what excites me in life and avoiding situations that may lead to stress.