Movie Theater Descriptive Essay

A movie theater is a high traffic place that offers me with an opportunity to describe the five senses of sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell that I experienced (Troyka and He 323). I still remember my first visit to a movie theater when I was young. My uncle took her daughter and me to a local theater during one weekend to watch a movie that had been advertised on billboard for a week. As we approached the cinema hall, the poster adjacent to the entrance attracted my attention. The poster, which was vibrant with beautiful colors, depicted the main actors of the movie. Slightly above the portrait of the actors was a brightly colored title of the film, which contrasted with the black background of the poster.
At the entrance of the hall, people were queuing to obtain tickets at the final hour. However, since most of the people had acquired their tickets earlier, only a few were lucky to secure the remaining seats. The theater personnel at the entrance turned down the unlucky people. As we entered the theater, I noticed the jovial mood of the few people who had already entered the hall. Some people spoke and laughed at their jokes while others sat down and waited patiently for the movie to begin.
I could smell the lingering aroma of cooked popcorn through the entire room. Likewise, a pleasant sugary smell filled the area near the soda dispenser. Nonetheless, I did not fail to notice the sweet smell of candy and chocolate in the hall. As we passed the counter, my uncle bought three popcorn bags and candies for each of us and led the way to the front row at the furthest corner of the theater. The candy was smooth and sweet and the popcorn felt greasy. Even though the candy melted between my fingertips, making them sticky, I enjoyed its soft feeling. When we entered the theatre, it was almost empty. However, the audience started occupying the seats gradually. At first, the people arrived in twos, then in small groups, and finally in large numbers. Within a short time, the theater hall was full to its capacity.
Young, old, rich, men, and women engaged in joyous conversations as they waited for the film to begin. For a few minutes, I marveled at the sight of audience before the ringing of the bell and the rising of the curtains for the movie to commence. As I looked at the hall, I noticed the beautiful cushions on the seats. The black and white color patterns used for the seats were appealing to the eye. Likewise, the theater’s air-conditioner worked excellently, cooling the hall and creating a serene environment for the audience. In addition, the fluorescent lit the hall in a moonlight effect that amplified the harmony of the theater. As the movie begun, some people started licking their candies and others ate the popcorns, bit by bit.
When the movie ended, the lights of the hall relit the room and people started leaving the theater. As we walked out, I noticed that the floor was not as clean as we found it when we were arriving. Bags of popcorns filled the floor and in some places, people had spilled candy on the seats. Notably, the emotion of excitement was evident on the faces of the people when they arrived at the theater. However, after the end of the show, the faces of the people depicted mixed emotions. Some people walked out silently, contemplating on the movie while others talked to each other loudly concerning the parts that appealed to them. Indeed, the experience was excellent and left me yearning to visit more theaters in the future.