Non-Profit Support


What it does

The Hispanic Federation is a non-profit organization based in New York, Washington D.C, Connecticut and Florida. It is the mother of many organizations that fight for the rights of Latinos in America. The organization advocates for the interests of the Latino people by conducting policy research, public education, and voter mobilization. Additionally, the organization offers social services to families, children, and the youth in the areas of education, economic development, and legal representation (Cordero-Guzmán, 2008). Moreover, the Hispanic Federation continues to fund the organizations under its wing, which advocate for different issues affecting the Hispanic community.


The objective of the Hispanic Federation is to empower and advance the people of the Hispanic community. The organization works with many Latino community based groups that gives it access to the people in need. It has different programs in place such as economic development groups and social organizations that help it achieve its objective.

Its Achievements

The Hispanic Federation has been successful in addressing the problem of grassroots organization in the country (Huntington, 2013). Prior to its establishment, the nation had many community based organization in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. These organizations advocated for the improvement of communities. However, they received limited funds that could not support their activities. The Hispanic Federation eliminated the isolation of such groups by devising an organizational structure that included affiliated organizations on the board. The move gave them access to additional funds to help their people.

Additionally, the organization has been successful in encouraging economic self-development. The organization underscores the role of economic development in solving the problems of Hispanic people. The organization continues to provide Latino families and youths with financial support to start businesses. It offers financial advice yearly to Latinos to help them expand their activities.