Q6). As a manager, would you prefer the people for whom you are responsible to be extrinsically or intrinsically motivated?

I would prefer my workers to be intrinsically motivated. This motivation comes from the inner self. It drives the employee to succeed based on the ambitions and internal goals. Inherently motivated workers can reduce total labor costs. While working with these workers, managers have more time to focus on productive tasks than spending time motivating them. Therefore, an organization needs fewer managers in running the company, thus, reducing the labor costs. Alternatively, the extrinsically motivated workers would increase the labor cost, as the organization would need more supervisors to micro-manage them. On the contrary, intrinsically motivated employees solve problems on their own rather than requiring assistance from their superiors. They tend to strive and achieve the best without guidance and assistance. Moreover, they can take new projects on their own rather than being pushed and guided by supervisors on the mission. In regards to extrinsically motivated workers, they require the manager’s assistance to solve several problems, take new projects, and accomplish it.

Intrinsically motivated staff can be more creative than those who need motivation from external sources. Personnel who thrive on career development and personal achievement are of more value. They innovate and contribute to the overall goal of an organization. These employees can work and bring greater changes in small business industries such as software development, as they come up with brilliant ideas that can lead to rapid growth. Conversely, externally motivated personnel are less creative. They rely on gifts and external sources of work. Once they are not given gifts for motivation, they do not innovate any idea that contributes to the growth of the organization.

Q9) Goal setting can be a difficult system to implement effectively. What kinds of problems might be encountered in attempting to install a goal-setting program in an organization? As a manager, what would you do to minimize the likelihood you would encounter these problems?

One of the problems that might be encountered in attempting to install a goal setting program in an organization is dealing with a person who lacks motivation. Secondly, an employee may be willing to achieve high results but is not ready to undergo the extra mile of working. To encounter these problems, I would make my expectations clear on the job to the management. As the manager of the organization, I would make decisions that align with the firm’s expectations and goals. For instance, I would take the full responsibility for the project and set specific goals for the project. Furthermore, I would break these goals down into concrete action steps and practice envisioning my accomplished goals each day by taking into consideration the most important objectives. I would not fear anything as I would be candid to ask for help in case I face challenges. I would request for and respond to feedback, and persist and never give up.

Q10). Is there a psychological contract between the students enrolled in this course and the instructor? What are some of the specifics of this agreement? How was the deal determined?

There exists a psychological contract between the students enrolled in this course and the instructor. One of the specifics of this deal is excellent communication. There should be an effective way of transmitting ideas from the instructor to the students and vice versa. Secondly, both the instructor and the students should assess their needs and skills appropriately. Thus, they would be able to adjust their anticipation and fit into each other’s program. Thirdly, the students and the instructor should take into consideration dynamic changes. These will improve the learning of students and maintain the psychological contract. Through the good relationship, the student should obey the class rules, respect the teacher, and be active in class. On the contrary, the teacher should prefer for the lesson frequently and respect the students. Both the instructor and the learners should abide by the contract laws for it to work efficiently.